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New Novel

Hi all,

I'm new to the livejournal scene, but I'm hoping to meet some cool writers/readers and also stir up interest in my new novel.  I recently signed a 2-book deal with Ace/Roc for an urban fantasy/crime procedural series with a forensic twist.  The first book is called NIGHT CHILD, and the protagonist is a witch, working in Vancouver, who uses a mixture of current forensic technology and old-fashioned magic to solve crimes within the supernatural community.  Her official title is OSI, or Occult Special Investigator.

Now, I'm probably walking a fine line here between introducing myself and selling my work, but I'm more interested in getting feedback about the series than anything else.  I'd really love to start developing a good readership early on so that I have people to help me bounce around ideas before the books go to print.  Currently, NIGHT CHILD is slated to be out in the Spring of 2008, and the second novel, HEXTACY, will follow in 2009.

I've just started a new website and livejournal to provide more info about my work, and I'd love any and all feedback.  You can link to the website HERE, and the livejournal HERE.

I'd love to chat about the series as it develops, answer any questions--both about the books and about writing in general--and meet new readers and writers.  I've already connected with the folks at Fangs, Fur, and Fey and Urban Fantasy Fans communities, and they've been awesome. 

Email me at:  jbattis@sfu.ca


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