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At Risk...

Finished it yesterday...I don't know when she first wrote it because the back cover states that she originally created it as a fifteen-part serial for The New York Times Magazine...this may explain why it is different from her other stuff....
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You've got me curious. Been a long time since her last book. Is this a good read?
It was ok...the last couple of things she has published seems to be on the "I have to get something out there for people to read and thereby fulfill my contract"...the stories could have been better written, but then again I am not an author....
& also her last few books have been quite disappointing...oh well i still read them so i would want to read this too.

but that was a good way of putting it. "I have to get something out there for people to read and thereby fulfill my contract" :P
I'm still on the waiting list at the library to get this one. I think I'm down to less than twenty people ahead of me now. Heh. I'm not fixated on getting the book like I was with the first few novels of the Scarpetta series, but I do look forward to reading it just because I feel like I know the characters so well. Hrm. Maybe that's my problem. I feel like I know the characters well enough to wonder what the hell they are doing in these last few novels.
I love PC's books.. the whole idea of the coroner - screw the CSI shows on tv. These books are 10,000% better. But... Pat's slipping! And I hope she hears her fans comments.

You CANT have Pete Marino NOT be a slob! Working out? Leather coats? Please! And Kaye? NOT cooking for everybody? Not boiling carcasses... or as she likes to put it "degreasing some bones". Reminds me of when I make a big pot of chicken and dumplings.

Anyway. Ill read her books.. just wish the character's natures could stay the same. BTW.. who else is disgusted with how dumb Lucy acts when it comes to her personal life? She builds robots, decyphrs codes, cracks computer code... and she can be fooled so easily by these nut cases? (Carrie whatsherface was one). Give Lucy some more brains! Give Benton a kick in the pants. Hand Marino the pork rinds.. and LETS GET US A BOOK PUBLISHED!