our lady of the wrists (shakanaman) wrote in pat_cornwell,
our lady of the wrists

Missing the old

I've been reading Patricia Cornwell books for years, and only just finished Predator, and have come to one conclusion:

I miss the old series.

I miss the relationship that Kay and Marino used to have, like in Cause of Death and From Potter's Field. The banter was wonderful. Also, the interactions with Benton were things I really looked forward to. These days I'm just not as interested in Lucy as a character and I find myself reaching for the older books in nostalgia... though I am glad that Temple Gault is gone.
As far as I'm concerned, Black Notice is when things started to change (and not for the better).

Anyone got any theories/hopes as to how our beloved characters will somehow change back into versions of (the old) themselves we all know and love?
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