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our lady of the wrists

Missing the old

I've been reading Patricia Cornwell books for years, and only just finished Predator, and have come to one conclusion:

I miss the old series.

I miss the relationship that Kay and Marino used to have, like in Cause of Death and From Potter's Field. The banter was wonderful. Also, the interactions with Benton were things I really looked forward to. These days I'm just not as interested in Lucy as a character and I find myself reaching for the older books in nostalgia... though I am glad that Temple Gault is gone.
As far as I'm concerned, Black Notice is when things started to change (and not for the better).

Anyone got any theories/hopes as to how our beloved characters will somehow change back into versions of (the old) themselves we all know and love?
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i have no theories but yes, i miss marino & kay as they were.
yes, i miss the old characters. i miss the freindship. this weird tenseness that is between everyone stresses me out as i read. marnio being an ass, kay acting kind of depressed, lucy hiding everything from everyone and benton has just bothered me since he came back from the dead. i think that's when i lost a lot towards these books...when benton "died". As a reader i felt betrayed and now, even though i still read the books, i'm just not as passionate about them.
I agree. When Benton "died" it was hard, and everything that happened to Kay following was not helped by her spiraling depression. Now that he's back, though, she's still not her same old self and neither is he. I had hoped that things would go back to normal, but I suppose they never can (?)...
I suppose we keep on reading because we're hopeful.
I agree!
I started reading Predator and it was too depressing to see what she had done to them. I put the book away.

My favorite character is Marino.
Kay and Lucy seemed HIGH maintenance.
Now that is definitely the case.
The whole Benton is dead ----- and now he's back.
Puhleez! It was just as bad as the old "it was all just a dream".

I think - sorry to say - the good ole' days of Scarpetta series are long gone.
Yeah, I suppose you're right about the good ol' days...
I kind of hope that some director will think to make a movie of one of the older books-- to bring them back, if only for a while!
But wait! She's really just rehashing the old series by having Benton died and came back to live gig. Doesn't anyone remember Mark? (At least, I think that was his name. Benton's FBI pal and Kay's lover?) She was depressed back then because she lost Mark too.

But... that doesn't mean I'm thrilled about where the series seems to be heading. I liked the old school tales better - then again, I liked her old style of writing too.

Anyone know when the next book is due to be out?
I totally agree. Lucy used to be my favourite character and now I just feel everything has become too sleazy. I miss pretty much all the same things you do. The interactions between Kay and Marion, things how they were between Benton and Kay and of course, Lucy.

These days I find myself reaching for Kathy Reichs new one at the bookstore instead... this is coming for a person who refused to read KR's books a few years back because they kept saying she was better than Cornwell.
I just started reading Predator last night and thought the exact same thing to myself when I put the book down. The stories are not as compelling and the characters dont glue me to the page as they have in the past.
Urgh, I dunno. Ive always much preferred the older books. The later ones are almost a bit complicated. I liked Cornwells earlier writing style too.
Still not read Predator though!
I think she's reaching too far. She had a good thing going but needed to stretch the books more. Maybe she should have stopped three boks ago... I hate even saying that because I grew up with those books, I've grown up with Lucy but now everything is so far fetched and Predator just ended as if she got bored with the story.

I'm with you, bring back the old styles and all would be good.
i despised the way predator ended!!!
Oh, no. I haven't gotten that far where they aren't close yet. DAMN. That sucks.